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 ► What is Quality?   

 ► Why Quality is Important? 

Quality is the degree to which a product meets the required specifications and customer expectations.

Quality is valuable, because when you have it, it brings success to the customer, and consequentially, to the business the customer buys from.

 Definitions of Quality: 
There are many ways to describe quality. Our definitions for quality are listed below.
a. A degree of excellence
b. Conformance to requirements
c. Fitness for function & application
d. Freedom from defects
e. Delighting customers

Quality isn’t just about offering a product or service that exceeds the standard, but it’s also about the reputation we gain for consistently delivering a customer experience that is “above and beyond.”

Managing quality is crucial for the businesses.

Quality products make an important contribution to long-term business, help to maintain customer satisfaction and loyalty and reduce the risk and cost of replacing faulty goods.

In a word, Quality is the key to success


 ► How We Ensure Quality? 

When we manage a mass production, our primary goal is to ensure good  quality in manufacturing and that our products are been shipped to customers 
on time and at the required quality level.

Here below we listed the 7 steps we do to ensure our quality:

  1.  Develop Product Criteria/Specifications – Know the Product
  2.  Audit Suppliers - make sure the in-coming materials are qualified.
  3.  Build proper production processes and procedures - workflow.
  4.  FAI / Test Products before mass production
  5.  Inspect Throughout Production
  6.  Final inspection before delivery
  7.  Focus On & Support Continuous Improvement

We believe Reliability comes from achieving quality standards,
it means the level of quality produces its equivalent reliability.


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